AEC UPS Exclusive UK Partner

UPS Power Services Officially Announces Partnership.


UPS Power Services have officially announced a collaborative working partnership with AEC UPS to deliver power protection solutions exclusively to the UK market.  Having a strong relationship with AEC for more than 17 years, UPS Power Services are bringing the brand back to the UK offering an outstanding product portfolio backed up by superior technical support and engineering knowledge.


Certification and CE Declaration

AEC is certified ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 in all its factories located in Taiwan, China and the United States.



AEC, founded in 1968 as Allis Electric Co. Ltd., in Taipei, Taiwan creates innovative, cutting edge products and is a prominent leader in power management technology. With operational headquarters based in Italy, AEC has a diverse product range including uninterruptible power supplies, transformers, power plants, switchgear, solar panels, inverters, rectifiers and medium and high voltage insulators.

Operating in more than 54 countries, AEC has enjoyed continued growth due to it’s commitment to the pursuit of excellence and quality and is present in the USA, Middle East, South American and European markets selling more than 360,000 UPS systems since 1998 reported as turning more than $133 million dollars in 2015.

Superior quality, excellent reputation and reliability

Our UPS Systems


The IST1 UPS is a simple but effective user-friendly product. The range utilises line interactive (VI) technology with an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) for extremely efficient, robust and cost effective performance. Clear traffic light LEDs indicate the current mode of operation.


The IST3 range of UPS feature the highest level of protection for connected loads. Available in floor standing or rack mount format, the full series feature online double conversion technology. The intuative LCD display provides the user with full operational performance measurements.


The IST4 range features online double conversion protection with full digital control. The product series is designed specifically for hard wired installation where protection of larger devices or multiple servers is required. The IST4 can also be connected in parallel for redundancy.


The IST5 UPS is for three phase applications. The range is incredibly compact, designed with the latest manufacturing technology and has internal batteries available up to 60kVA for a reduced footprint. Multiple units can be connected in parallel for redundancy and all internal boards feature conformal coating for premium performance as standard.


The IST6 UPS is a complete modular solution. Power modules available in 20kW, 30kW and 40kW enable right sizing from the time of installation with the ability to scale up power as the connected load increases. All modules can be hot swapped for fast and easy maintenance without disrupting the protection to connected load.


The new IST5AU adopt the latest unbeaten liquid heat dissipation system, completely isolated from all power devices, to ensure best heat dissipation, higher efficiency, lower heat dissipated in the room. AEC is one of the first manufacturer to adopt it!

We Look After our Resellers

Offering preferential discount structures, freephone 24/7 UPS technical support and a 3 year no quibble warranty.


AEC is committed to providing quality products and excellent service to satisfy its customers and pursue harmony between its employees, customers and company.


AEC continues to pursue new ideas, better products, techniques, processes, management and their services for continued growth.



AEC is committed to improving the quality of work, life, and society and wants to share success with its customers, employees and company.

Become an AEC Reseller

Whether you are a small scale electrical contracting firm or an IT company, our AEC reseller programme gives you flexibility, control and competitiveness to supply the entire AEC UPS range, backed up by manufacturer technical support and quality.

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