City Based Public Client

Project Case Study


Overbury Plc is the UK’s leading fit out specialist with over 500 employees nationwide. As part of the prestigious Morgan Sindall Group, they also specialise in regeneration and construction projects.
When a major public service client located in the heart of the City of London required full refurbishment of their headquarters, Overbury were selected to handle the project. This included a full electrical refit with new standby power generation provision and improved power protection.

Flexible Approach

The City of London area has a resident population of 9,000 but with a daily influx of approximately 400,000 commuters, the project for the refurbishment on an “operational” site would require very specific expertise, meticulous planning and a flexible project management approach.

“A logistically challenging project in the centre of London”

“It has been a pleasure to work with Total Power Group on such a prestigious project!”

“we excelled in providing the service and solution we promised and the client was fully satisfied”

The Project

Full Turnkey Solution

UPS Power Services were approached by Total Power Group to assist with the specification, supply, installation and handover of a 300kW, fully redundant modular UPS as part of their full turnkey power package. This included a plant room diesel generator, acoustics package and new LV switchgear, all manufactured in their UK Midlands headquarters.

Logistically Challenging

Initially logistical challenges meant the UPS had to be carefully split at UPS Power Services premises, specially repackaged, transported to site and re-assembled in situ. All equipment had to be carefully unloaded on the mega busy Bishopsgate Street, opposite Liverpool Street Station.

Operational Continuity Maintained

Thirty minutes of battery autonomy, were constructed onsite with six tonnes of battery blocks transported around challenging objects, while maintaining access and giving priority to the operational public service client.

The UPS was assembled and pre-commissioned on a temporary electrical supply in anticipation for handover during a short power down window, where all elements of the electrical infrastructure were tested together and proved on-site before handover back to the client.

 The Solution

250kW of Power with N+1 Redundancy

Working in an existing building with current electrical supply constraints and physical space limitations did not cause any reason for compromise to be taken on power protection and redundancy.

The 250kW modular UPS was configured to intelligently work with the new Himonisa generator to enable a minimum-sizing ratio between the two. This meant a full 250kW of power was available with N+1 redundancy for load requirements. The Yuasa battery blocks were of high rate discharge 12-year design life with fire retardant casing, providing 30 minutes of runtime at full load.

UPS Power Services were chosen by Total Power Group to project manage the delivery, position, DC build and UPS assembly whilst providing recommendations on the UPS electrical installation and cooling.

The Conclusion


Prestigious Project Successfully Completed

The project was a success with all deadlines suitably met and handover to the client completed after full test and demonstration.

Mark Trolley of UPS Power Services commented “This was a logistically challenging project for the reasons highlighted in the case study. I feel we excelled in providing the service and solution we promised and the client was fully satisfied.

The nature of this project shows we aren’t just a box shifting business, we have over twenty years experience working on demanding projects, working closely and flexibly with other specialists, and this highly prestigious project showcased it. It has been a pleasure to work with Total Power Group on such a prestigious project!”

This project was to provide full redundancy and resilience while working around existing constraints and, end client operational requirements.

With modern UPS technology, enough expertise, good planning and a fantastic team, there is no need to compromise on protection requirements.

Our Highlights

It has to be the planning and execution in taking over one of the business streets in London during the delivery of our equipment.