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Riello UPS is one of Europe’s leading manufactures of UPS. With multiple awards and expert knowledge, there will be a Riello product for your needs. Riello is passionate about reducing the energy consumption with heavy investment in RnD for the quality and efficiency of their products. 

Riello UPS also supplies a Central Supply System UPS for installations in locations subject to strict fire safety regulations. These particular uninterruptible power supplies comply with British and European Standard BS EN 50171.

Choose from a range of single phase or three phase UPS from 400 VA to 6.4 MVA. Whether it’s online, line interactive, or VFD, all Riello UPS power supplies are designed using the latest technologies and techniques to deliver reliable power protection in the most energy efficient way possible, available from large UK stocks on next day turnaround and offering some of the best warranty products on the market, your Riello UPS will not disappoint.

Riello UPS Sentinel Pro Series 700VA-3kVA UPS System

The Riello SENTINEL PRO is an on-line double-conversion UPS, offering the highest levels of reliability and protection for critical servers, voice and data processing IT systems. The UPS is highly efficient. Riello SENTINEL PRO is designed to save energy and has a power-off push-button feature to reduce energy consumption to zero, when no load is connected or switched off. For long runtime applications, Sentinel Pro (ER models) can be fitted with matching battery extension packs which also include additional battery boost chargers.

Riello UPS Sentinel Dual SDH Series 1-10kVA Low Power

Sentinel Dual Low Power (SDH) is a versatile UPS designed to deal with non-linear loads. It’s a proven solution for Edge applications, blade servers, VoIP equipment, IT networks, electro-medical devices, emergency lighting, and security/safety systems.

Install as either a freestanding tower or 2U rackmount UPS. Simply plug and play, no complicated setup. Enhanced inverter delivers 0.9 power factor and 92% efficiency. Easy maintenance with hot-swappable batteries.  

    Riello UPS Sentinel Dual SDU Series 4-10kVA UPS System

    Sentinel Dual (SDU) is a doubly-versatile UPS providing maximum protection to critical loads found in server rooms, electro-medical devices, IT networks and industrial applications. Install as a rackmount UPS or freestanding tower. 

    Reduce your power consumption using ECO and SMART ACTIVE modes. Prioritise your most critical loads with EnergyShare sockets that enable easy load-shedding. Load-controlled fans minimise noise disruption (<48 dBA).  

    Riello UPS Sentinel Tower Series 5-10kVA UPS System

    Sentinel Tower is the ideal solution for protecting mission critical systems such as safety devices, telecommunications equipment but also IT systems to ensure maximum power reliability. Sentinel Tower is designed and built using state-of-the-art technology and components to provide maximum protection to the powered loads with no impact on downstream systems and optimised energy savings.

    In terms of technology and performance, Sentinel Tower is one of the best UPS available on the market today.

    Riello UPS Sentryum Series 10-20kVA UPS System

    The third generation of Riello UPS transformerless ON LINE UPS systems. The 10-20 kVA Sentryum rewrites the concept of flexible power by offering a choice of three compact cabinet sizes to suit the needs of any small data centre or mission-critical application.

    Enhanced overload and short circuit capacity guarantee maximum availability. Incorporating a 5-inch colour touchscreen display and intuitive LED status indicator that automatically changes colour based on the UPS’s current operating state.

    Riello UPS Multi Sentry (MST Series) 30-200 kVA UPS System

    Riello MULTI SENTRY is a state-of-the-art uninterruptible power supply,and has been designed to protect critical information and telecommunications systems, networks, services and processes whose operation could be disrupted by poor power quality and/or breaks in their mains power supply. Achieving the highest possible level of on-line double-conversion performance (VFI-SS-111) as defined within IEC EN 62040-3.

    Riello UPS Multi Power (MPW Series) 75 kVA - 1 MW System

    The Riello MULTI POWER (MPW) is designed to protect any critical high-density computer and IT environment, whilst achieving maximum availability. The Riello MPW can grow along with the demands of the business without oversizing the UPS – optimizing both the initial investment and the Total Cost of Ownership. As demand increases, the Riello MPW modular UPS solution can expand its power capability, maintaining the highest levels of power protection, availability, redundancy and investment savings.

    Riello Multi Power ensures that a scalable, secure, high quality power supply is available for a variety of critical load applications. The new MPW Power Modules feature the very latest in UPS technology. With its three level Neutral Point Clamped (NPC) inverter and Power Factor Corrected (PFC) input control, the MPW ensures the highest level of performance in terms of overall efficiency, input power factor and harmonic impact on the supply source.

    Riello UPS Central Supply Systems 6-100 kVA UPS System

    Central Power Supply Systems (CPSS) are specific solutions designed to protect emergency, security and safety applications such as emergency lighting, smoke detectors, fire alarms, and sprinklers. Complies fully with EN 50171. 

    Delivers several hours of battery autonomy with short recharge times (up to 80% of capacity within 12 hours). Dual input as standard with optional galvanic isolation. Casing meets exacting standards of EN 60598-1. 

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