UPS Battery Replacement & Installation

UPS Battery Replacement and Installation 
for any make and model of UPS system.

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UPS Batteries

The batteries are critical to the integrity of your UPS system. Most modern UPS systems will perform and monitor short battery tests on a regular basis, however it is also essential to maintain these systems to ensure they will operate correctly when needed.

UPS Power Services can supply, install, maintain or replace a wide variety of batteries, the most common being sealed lead acid (VRLA) with a 5 or 10 year design life.

Battery Installation, Battery Replacement & Disposal

Our battery installation and UPS battery replacement team will perform the following tasks:

  • Site survey to fully understand the task and site access
  • Produce a risk assessment and method statement (RAMS)
  • Co-ordinate and arrange delivery, positioning and installation of new batteries together with battery racks/cabinets
  • Install new DC fuses and switchgear (as specified)
  • Connect all batteries to UPS and create a complete system
  • Installation of battery monitoring system (as specified)
  • If we are providing a UPS battery replacement service, we may be able to isolate and change one parallel battery string at a time so that the integrity of the overall system is not compromised during the replacement process
  • Pack and remove old batteries from site for recycling and correct disposal. Providing a hazardous waste disposal certificate
  • If required, perform a system load bank test, discharging the batteries whilst monitoring battery performance and thermal imaging survey

Approved Yuasa Battery Partner

UPS Power Services are an approved Yuasa Battery Partner. This means we have direct access to extensive Yuasa battery stock located in the UK, full technical support from our trained UPS specialists and are supported by Yuasa battery application engineers.

UPS Power Services and Yuasa battery engineers are equipped for onsite specification, sizing, technical quotations, full electrical installation and after sales support and testing.

Yuasa batteries set the industry benchmark for UPS batteries in the UK and globally for over 30 years. The reason is simple – premium quality, unmatched reliability, long life and advanced engineering with years of application expertise.

Battery Maintenance

Regular UPS battery maintenance is required to prolong the life of the batteries and to detect any weak or faulty battery blocks.

We carry out the following checks:

  • Examining the batteries for any swollen, distorted or split casings
  • Measure battery cell and battery string voltages
  • Check for signs of corrosion
  • Check the tightness and security of battery terminal connections
  • Environmental checks, such as room temperature, cleanliness etc.
  • Battery discharge test (via UPS front panel or system load bank )
  • Impedance testing of each battery block

Battery System Design

Every battery system design has to meet customer’s needs and accommodate any special requirements. Consideration is given to:

Battery requirements and type; such as autonomy (back-up) time and whether the batteries should be sealed lead acid (VRLA), vented lead acid, plante or nickel cadmium (NiCd)
Battery design life and the number of charge/discharges cycles
Parallel battery bank advantages
Room temperature conditions
Battery housing type; open, cladded or enclosed rack, matching UPS/battery cabinets etc
Room restrictions; false/raised floors (are battery rack leg extensions required?), dimensions (size) or surface load (weight)
Room accessibility; easy access, straight push, no steps, lift capacity, stairs and other obstacles
Battery monitoring system; continuously monitoring your battery health
Flexibility of individual battery string fusing and switchgear
DC cable lengths and power losses associated with long cable runs

Do You Need Help?

Please get In touch to discuss anything UPS or battery related. Our Battery Experts can help guide you through any battery replacement, design or installation query you my have. We have battery stock available for urgent deliveries and engineers on standby at short notice for battery installations and replacements. Please call us on 0800 112 3654.

Batteries are the Most Important Aspect of an Uninterruptible Power Supply

UPS Battery Replacement

Leading brand UPS replacement batteries

We are a premium distributor of Yuasa batteries and also have partnerships with the most commonly accepted UPS battery suppliers including CSB, Exide, Enersys and Fiamm. Contact us for a competitive UPS battery replacement proposal.

Full UPS battery or single block replacements

Recent testing may have highlighted a rogue battery block or entire string fault. With correct technical matching of the battery characteristics followed by a careful equalisation charge, we can replace either a single block or full battery string in your current installation. Get in touch for a UPS battery replacement quote.


UPS replacement batteries supplied for all UPS systems

All UPS vendors use a handful of leading battery suppliers in their original equipment. We can provide options for exact battery replacement of the existing blocks or an option of a technically comparative battery.

We Replace UPS Batteries in all types of of UPS Including the Major Manufacturers Brands Below:

Why UPS Batteries are so Important

It is the battery that provides the UPS with power to continue running in the event of a mains failure.

An old or badly maintained battery set could affect the autonomy time of your uninterruptible power supply and result costly downtime should you get a mains failure.

All lead acid UPS batteries, wet or gel, are prone to natural decay and have a design life of five, ten or twelve years. This is caused by metals and acid sharing the same plastic container.

How Age Affects UPS Battery Life

Natural degrading is typically about 5% per annum, depending on the type and brand of battery used. It is because of this degradation that you need to check the battery in your UPS to be sure that you will get your required and expected runtime during a mains failure. If the UPS batteries are not in a great condition then the autonomy time will be dramatically reduced and therefore a planned, safe shutdown will not be achieved. Although regular maintenance and ideal environmental conditions can extend the working life of UPS batteries, they will all eventually need replacing.

Get a Battery Health Check

If you have any doubts about the condition of your uninterruptible power supply or stand-by emergency lighting system, we can offer a comprehensive check-up, service and UPS battery replacement service for all leading UPS brands, including AEC, Riello, MGE, APC, Eaton, Powerware, Chloride, Gamatronic, Borri, Huawei, New Wave, and any other make or model.

Our nationwide service is available 24/7 and includes safe licensed disposal of all waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Its common knowledge that the battery system is the weakest link in a UPS and that battery failure is the leading cause of load loss and associated downtime.

Understanding how to correctly store, install, check and maintain a UPS battery system will help prevent ultimate failure and also extend the service life of your current installation.

Lets take a look at some frequently asked questions when it comes to the replacement of UPS batteries and battery maintenance.

Can you change batteries on any UPS system?
Yes is the short answer, depending on the size and type of UPS would determine how complex the replacement would be, but the principles are all the same. Our skilled battery engineers have worked on many systems over the years.
Do you only supply Yuasa batteries?
No, Yuasa is our prefered supplier. The level of quality from Yuasa and the warranty is exeptional in our experiance, they can supply almost any block in the UK within a day. We are a Yuasa main dealer, so can supply what we feel are the best batteries at the very best price. However if it is a specifc battery you require we do have accounts with all the leading battery manufacturers.
What does VRLA stand for?
Valve regulated Lead Acid.
VRLA batteries work on the oxygen recombination principle. However, the recombination process is not 100% efficient. So over time, the internal pressure increases, and a certain amount of gases have to be released to maintain the ideal pressure. This is achieved with the help of one-way, pressure-sensitive valves which open when the internal pressure increases above a certain threshold and allow the excess gases to be vented. That is why these batteries are called VRLA or valve regulated lead acid batteries. Excess gases are also produced if these batteries are overcharged or discharged at rates higher than the recommended rate.
What is sulfation and grid corrosion?
Sulfation and grid corrosion are the main killers of lead acid batteries. Sulfation is a thin layer that forms on the negative cell plate if the battery is allowed to dwell in a low state-of-charge. During use, small sulfate crystals form, but these are normal and are not harmful. During prolonged charge deprivation, however, the amorphous lead sulfate converts to a stable crystalline and deposits on the negative plates. This leads to the development of large crystals that reduce the battery’s active material, which is responsible for the performance. If caught in time, an equalising charge can reverse the condition. Grid corrosion can be reduced with careful charging and optimisation of the float charge.
Why do batteries need to be cooled?
Heat is a killer of all batteries, but high temperatures cannot always be avoided. As a guideline, each 5°C rise in temperature cuts the life of a sealed lead acid battery in half. This means that a VRLA battery for stationary applications specified to last for 10 years at 25°C would only live 5 years if continuously exposed to 30°C and 30 months if kept at a constant temperature of 35°C. Once the battery is damaged by heat, the capacity cannot be restored.
What is the "end of useful life" for a UPS battery?
The IEEE defines “end of useful life” for a UPS battery as being the point when it can no longer supply 80% of its rated capacity in ampere-hours. When your battery reaches 80% of its rated capacity, the aging process accelerates, and you should replace it.
How long can I store my batteries?
When batteries are stored disconnected from a charger, their life will decrease. Due to the self-discharge characteristics of lead-acid batteries, it is recommended you charge them every three to four months of storage. After 12 months, permanent loss of capacity will start to occur. To prolong shelf life without charging, store batteries in a cooler environment.

UPS Battery Replacement Quotes

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