Project Case Study



Established in 2001, Cambridgeshire based Fast2Host group is a privately owned business with strong customer service ethics. The company is one of the UK’s leading independent web hosting companies providing a variety of web hosting solutions for thousands of companies nationwide.

In order to offer best in business and affordable hosting solutions, Fast2Host Ltd owns and operates its own datacentre where all power supplies are protected by a three phase UPS, an external maintenance bypass switch, extended battery cubicles and a standby diesel generator with 48 hours of fuel. Enterprise clients also have full N+1 redundancy options available to avoid any single points of failure. This enables Fast2Host to offer a 100% SLA on power availability.

Mains Power Issue

During repeated mains disturbances in the area during December 2017, it became apparent that one of the battery blocks (out of 180 in total) had unexpectedly failed, resulting in the full backup time being unavailable. Quick to respond, Fast2Host immediately set about procuring a full replacement of all battery blocks and subsequent rigorous testing to ensure peace of mind over the Christmas and New year break.

“The other companies I contacted are only just sending me their quotations, I’m impressed!”

“Fast2Host immediately requested a full replacement”

“Even organisations with a resilient power protection strategy, such as Fast2Host can still require emergency assistance”

The Solution


Speedy Response

Initially, Fast2Host contacted UPS Power Services for some technical support and battery advice after discovering the failed block. Our engineers discussed bypassing the unaffected strings and isolating the failed battery. When Fast2Host requested a quotation for the full battery set to be replaced within 24 hours, our technical support team put forward our recommendations for the most applicable replacement battery, which could immediately be delivered from UK stock.


Complete Peace of Mind

The replacements on the Riello 3 phase UPS were delivered and installed by UPS Power Services’ own employees and the exhausted cells were safely removed for disposal.  UPS Power Services rescheduled other non-essential works, so that full proof testing including a full black building test could be completed that evening. The monitoring software was checked and the client left with full peace of mind so all employees could enjoy their Christmas Dinner!

Our Highlights

Our highlight of this project has to be while we were updating the client with our engineer arrival time. Russel of Fast2Host replied by email “Great, Thank you! The other companies I contacted are only just sending me their quotations and availability for installation is next year, so I’m impressed!”

The Conclusion

Project Management

With many years experience in the Uninterruptible Power world, we understand that even organisations with a resilient power protection strategy, such as Fast2Host can still require emergency assistance when something such as a rogue battery fails. Although, its not always necessary to replace the full battery set, on this occasion when weighing up the age of the existing blocks, along with the clients 100% Power SLA commitment to their client, it was decided the best way forward.


"Can Do" Attitude

The fact this could be completed within 24 hours is testament to our strong partnerships, dedicated employees, technical knowledge and “can do” attitude. It was great Fast2Host noticed that we respond in emergencies and find ways to say “yes” (Such as the requirement for a 24 hour turnaround), we are not a “computer says no” company.

If you experience an unexpected requirement for Uninterruptible Power Supply assistance, technical support, or emergency battery replacement, we are available 24 hours a day for immediate response.

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