Riello Multi Power (MPW Series) 60 kVA – 294 kVA UPS System

Riello UPS’s award-winning range of uninterruptible power supply systems incorporates solutions for every application, from domestic use and home offices through to factories, utilities and data centres.

Choose from our selection of single phase or three phase UPS from 400 VA to 6.4 MVA. Whether it’s online, line interactive, or VFD, all Riello UPS power supplies are designed using the latest technologies and techniques to deliver reliable power protection in the most energy efficient way possible.

Power Range: 60000 – 294000 VA – 3:3


  • Flexible choice of modules (15-25-42 kW) and cabinets 
  • 96.5% operating efficiency (ONLINE mode) reduces energy waste 
  • “Pay as you grow” scalability by adding extra modules or cabinets 
  • Downtime-free maintenance thanks to hot-swappable modules 
  • Unmatched power density in a compact, space-saving footprint 

Multi Power is our award-winning modular UPS delivering your data centre availability, efficiency, and scalability in a space-saving footprint. Build power and redundancy with a choice of 15, 25 or 42 kW modules and a range of cabinets.  

Intuitive Energy Saving Mode ensures a minimum 95% efficiency at loads as low as 20%. All modules and key components are hot-swappable, guaranteeing you interruption-free maintenance. 

Combining exceptional efficiency (up to 96.5%) and unmatched power density (466 kW per m²) in a compact footprint, the Multi Power grows alongside the demands of your business without the risk of wasteful oversizing.

This optimises both your initial investment and Total Cost of Ownership, as well as maximising your valuable floor space.

Add in hot-swappable modules that ensure no downtime during maintenance, an intuitive 7-inch LCD touchscreen display,  and an array of advanced communications options, and it’s easy to understand why Multi Power is the ultimate solution for protecting data centres and other mission-critical environments.


Power In Your Hands

Multi Power offers you a choice of power modules – 15 kW or 25 kW in 2U height (MPW) or the standard 42 kW (MPX) – making it the ideal solution for everything from smaller data centres and server rooms through to large-scale critical applications.

The smaller power modules (15-25 kW) come with a compact 120 cm x 60 cm x 105 cm (H x W x D) cabinet that holds up to 5 modules. 42 kW modules sit in a standard 200 cm x 60 cm x 105 cm (H x W x D) cabinet with capacity for 7 modules.

Space-saving combination cabinets housing both power modules and battery units are fantastic for installations where you need to deliver high power density in a reduced footprint.


Superb Scalability

Simply “pay as you grow” as and when required by adding extra power modules. That’s 15-60 kW, 25-100 kW, or 42-252 kW power plus redundancy in a single chassis, depending on which modules you use.

Parallel up to 4 cabinets together and you can easily scale up power to:

  • (MPX 15 kW modules): 15-240 kW N+1
  • (MPX 25 kW modules):  25-400 kW N+1
  • (MPW 42 kW modules): 42-1008 kW N+1

 Hot system expansion ensures there’s no downtime or need to switch to bypass when you add extra power modules or cabinets.


Outstanding Protection

Our modular UPS is manufactured with specially-designed, custom-made components. These include a three-level inverter and IGBT rectifier that delivers full-rated (pf 1) unity power.

All components are proven performers even at high temperatures of 40oC.

Each power module features 3 microprocessors, while power cabinets have 2, the first regulates UPS operations and the other manages communications. These advanced technologies minimise the risk of any communications failures between the components.


High Efficiency At All Load Levels

Multi Power delivers up to 96.5% efficiency in online double conversion mode.

And thanks to its special Energy Saving Mode, it’s capable of high efficiency (95%+) even at loads as low as 20-25%. Advanced microprocessors activate only the necessary power modules to support your load. The others stay inactive to save unnecessary power use.

A module can remain in Energy Saving Mode for up to 15 hours, after which it swaps with another of the active modules to ensure components age at the same speed. If there’s a disruption to the mains supply or a fault with any of the modules, all inactive modules immediately restart to ensure maximum online UPS protection to your load.

Multi Power is eligible for Energy Technology List (ETL), which allows you to offset the capital costs against your taxable profits.


Downtime-Free Maintenance Guaranteed

Each power module and battery unit is hot-swappable and easily accessible from the front of your UPS. This means engineers can service, maintain, and even swap-out individual modules without powering the system down.

Simply plug in the new modules while the UPS carries on running – no need for any downtime or service interruption.

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