UPS Site Survey, Installation and Commissioning

We offer onsite survey and reporting, project recommendations, efficiency calculations along with full electrical installation and commissioning for total power solution delivery.


Site Survey

A UPS is permanently connected to the mains and powers essential load equipment 24 hours per day, 365 days per year for its entire lifetime.  Unnecessary losses incurred by an incorrectly sized or aged UPS can cost the user thousands in wasted electricity.

A site survey of the current UPS loading along with associated electrical infrastructure will highlight where users could make improvements to the general operation of their system.

A site survey or efficiency audit can be completed onsite by an engineer without interruption or risk to the critical load.  A detailed report is then issued to the user for consideration or further discussion.

When planning the electrical installation for a large project or data room installation, it is crucial that communications between the various contractors and the customer are unhindered by self-interest; the prime motive has to be the interests of the client.

Consider Your Options

Installing an emergency power supply system into an existing or new building can call for many specialised skills, which are not always available through a conventional electrical contractor. Where a Generator and UPS system are being installed, many technical considerations have to be well thought through and planned, for example:


Where can the switchgear be placed for maximum benefit?


What sort of cooling is required to maintain maximum efficiency and prolong battery life?


Where should the UPS be sited to maximise space?


What sort of access is required for maintenance?


What if any exhaust fume extraction is need for the generator?


What are the best type of data coms for both the generator and UPS?


What type of UPS is best suited to run with an existing generator?

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Full UPS Relocation Services Available with Minimal Disruption

Relocating Your UPS System

Moving premises incurs unavoidable costs and disruption and to help ease the pressure, UPS Power Services offers a comprehensive range of relocation services for all your power protection equipment, which include all de-commissioning, installation and re-commissioning.
Prior to any physical handling, UPS Power Services will carefully map out a working plan, assessing the existing premises and the new site location.
Close attention to detail, controlled project management and extensive technical experience ensures the smooth running and on time delivery of all UPS Power Services relocation projects, whether it is to a new site or within the same premises.
To make sure minimum downtime is incurred for your business our team can work through the night and over weekends.

UPS Relocation Services

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Battery Design

Battery Rack Design

At UPS Power Services we believe that battery design is integral to the efficient operation of your backup power solution.  Our battery experts are highly skilled in bespoke battery rack design.

We understand that every installation is different and as such, each installation requires skilled workmanship and detailed planning.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and ability to bring together all critical elements that make up an efficient battery build including load, required autonomy, temperature conditions and rack style.

It is this precision and dedication to maximising operational efficiency that has earned UPS Power Services its nationwide reputation for first class battery design and build services.

Battery Disposal

Our nationwide service is available 24/7 and includes licensed disposal of all waste.

Arrange Battery Disposal

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