UPS Maintenance & Servicing

Flexible UPS maintenance and service contracts, customisable exactly to your needs with options to suit every application

Travel & Labour Included

includes all travel and labour for emergency call outs

Covers All Manufacturers

APC, Eaton, Riello, Socomec, Chloride, Borri, Huawei & more

Round The Clock Cover

With 24/7 freephone technical support and 4 hour response

UPS Service Plan Features

UPS maintenance and service contracts for all makes and models of UPS with quick site response, parts and

travel included along with sophisticated site reporting and service tracking for your entire asset list.

Service Plan One

9am-5pm Onsite

Onsite response 12Hr

Tech support – 24/7

Freephone call out

One onsite service/Yr 

Travel – Included

Labour – Included

Service Plan Two

24/7 Onsite Cover

Onsite reponse 8Hr

Tech support – 24/7

Freephone call out

One onsite service/Yr

Travel – Included

Labour – Included

Service Plan Three

24/7 Onsite Cover

Onsite response 4Hr

Tech support – 24/7

Freephone call out

One onsite service/Yr

Travel – Included

Labour – Included

Bespoke Servicing

Cover time – Bespoke

Bespoke response

Bespoke Support

Freephone call out

Bespoke services/Yr

Travel – Bespoke

Labour – Bespoke

Bespoke UPS Maintenance 

Travel & Labour Included

UPS Power Services includes all travel and labour for emergency call outs, preventative UPS maintenance visits with no limit to distance or miles travelled.

All Manufacturers Maintained

Experienced service engineers covering all UPS manufacturers including APC, Eaton, Riello, Socomec, Chloride, Borri, Makelsan, Huawei UPS and more.

Round the Clock Cover

With 24/7 freephone technical support and 4 hour response times nationwide, we guarantee you access to UPS experts any time of the day or night.

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Our UPS Maintenance Contract Promise

We have used our 20 years’ experience in the UPS industry to try and take out the hassle of UPS maintenance contracts.

There are many products on the market all claiming similar things, we aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel here as over the years these contracts have been tweaked and adjusted to meet certain criteria that is a good balance between cost and the actual service provided, everyone seems to be offering the same thing, or are they?

We offer price matching for like for like service plan quotes, please give us a try!

Why Our UPS Maintenance Contracts Stand Out

The list of items below will be very familiar if you are looking around for UPS maintenance cover but there are subtle differences that we have highlighted.

  • Our response time is the time to get to site, not the time for a callback
  • Travel and labour is included in all our contract prices
  • Our technical support is offered by actual UPS experts, not a call centre
  • Our inclusive parts contracts include ALL parts not just “consumables”
  • Our preventative maintenance includes multipoint checks not just visuals
  • We offer different plans to pass on savings during normal working hours

UPS Maintenance Health Check

An uninterruptible power supply is a crucial piece of equipment. It’s essential that you can rely on it to provide critical power protection at all times. But wear and tear over time is inevitable, and without regular check-ups a UPS’s performance can easily become compromised, increasing the likelihood of failure and downtime.Our specialist UPS Health Checks give you the peace of mind that your units are running at peak performance and optimum efficiency. 

What’s Included In A UPS Health Check?

  •  Visual test: thorough inspection of the installed UPS system / battery set
  • Physical tests: review of all electrical connections. 
  • Mechanical tests: functional checks including recording electrical measurements and the system’s operational state
  • Environmental tests: check the surroundings for possible problems such as dust or humidity
  • Download and comprehensive review of the UPS maintenance history logs
  • Full reporting of any faults found during the PMV
  • Our recommendations to improve operational reliability 

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t: 0800 112 3654



{Mark Trolley, managed a major upgrade to our in house datacentre at Phones 4U. This included an initial site audit, concept design options, followed by orderly shutdown, delivery and commissioning of the new system. This involved new switchgear, a standby diesel generator and a parallel UPS system all on a live datacentre site
{Quotation and Purchase Order were processed promptly and product was despatched immediately after receipt of payment.
Ridgeway Components
{Extremely helpful, quick and efficient service was provided to our company by UPS Power Services. Can only recommend them to anyone with UPS problems. Also huge thanks to Mr. Mark Trolly, who guided us through the entire process, and provided instant help from the first moment. Thank you again!
Vital Europe
{Excellent service, staff very helpful, prices are good and delivery is normally very prompt. On the one occasion we did have a delivery problem they sorted it out by dropping another unit in person. Cant rate them any higher – Fully recommend.
Aston Berkeley
{We had a very old UPS unit in our server room which urgently needed attention. Ian and the team at UPS Power Services were superb. They did everything they promised, turned up when they said they would and got our UPS back up and running within 24 hrs of the diagnosis. We will happily be using them for all our UPS requirements going forward.
Nexans UK
{UPS Power Services supplied our business with a temporary UPS when our ageing old system broke down, the staff attended site to asses the type and size of UPS required with in 4 hrs of my 1st call to them. they then installed the temp system so that we was safe with our back up procedures. We was then quoted for a new system to replace our broken system. Through out the whole procedure UPS POWER SERVICES portrayed them selves in an excellent professional manner from start to finish of the project. I would definitely recommend them.
{UPS Power Services have extended the life of our UPS by providing maintenance when APC would not. Bought new batteries from them at a reasonable price which they installed and took away the old ones. Have also had our first annual service check which gave a detailed report on the UPS. Both employees who have been to our offices have been polite and carried out the work cleanly leaving everything as it should be. Only in our first year with them but from our current dealings seem an honest company wishing to give good service with satisfied customers.
IT Manager
{Leon - Thank you for last week. It is really truly a work of art. The job hasn’t been fed up the ladder (Department/Estates) yet but I can say we are extremely grateful from the professional job received. I’ll be back in touch very soon. Wayne - Feedback sums it up nicely, like wise I’m very grateful for the work that you put into this project, especially the meticulous planning with other contractors to ensure it all went smoothly.
Leon / Wayne
Durham University
{Very Professional and Efficient More efficient impossible, very reliable and amazing prices. We’ll definitely call them again
Riverside School
{With UPS Power Services, we've recently just completed a project to install a UPS solution that covers our entire IT infrastructure. The team have been fantastic from the initial scoping/quotation phase, through to installation and then with any after sales support. I honestly couldn't ask for better service, and I would highly recommend them!
{I have worked closely with Mark Trolley, now of UPS Power Services in my previous role for over two years. We worked in partnership on many critical sites located around the UK. His level of UPS product knowledge along with crucially delivering on tight client expectations was unprecedented.
Medical Facilities Manager
{I would highly recommend UPS Power Services to anyone in the market for a UPS or would like their existing system maintained. The Glasgow 2018 European Championships Project was managed perfectly and the product delivered and installed in time against a very tight deadline across multiple sites in and around Glasgow
Glasgow 2018 European Championships
{Best compliments to UPS Power Services for their professionalism, effectiveness, great and polite communication. Cannot recommend them enough. Thank you Mark and team!
Embassy of Lithuania
{I would recommend these guys as they handled the servicing and replacement of batteries in our two units that had been neglected for years very efficiently and effectively. Will be getting them back next year for the annual servicing now we are back in shape.
London East Business Centre


There are many UPS maintenance servicing plans on the market all claiming similar things, we aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel here as over the years these contracts have been tweaked and adjusted to meet certain criteria that is a good balance between cost and the actual service provided.

What are site cover times?

This is the hours during the day and week in which a UPS engineer will attend site in the event of an emergency callout. While a UPS should be online providing clean power to the connected load 24/7, if the site is unused or even inaccessible outside of normal office hours, it is unlikely that a UPS engineer would be notified manually of an issue during this time and be able to access site. Unless a remote monitoring system highlights an issue outside of normal site working hours, a site cover time which matches the opening or available access hours of the site maybe more appropriate with a rapid response in the event of an emergency. If the site is mission critical and available 24/7 then UPS Power Services also have an option for 24 hour, 365 days site cover.

What is a response time?

The first thing to check is the full details of what is defined by the term “response time”. Some providers may simply fulfil this as a response either by email or telephone once a fault occurs. The logging of the issue on their system, an initial diagnosis of the fault and arrangements to attend site with the next available engineer may fulfil the “response time” criteria of their contract or service plan. During a site outage on a critical site, this would clearly be unacceptable and more common definition such as UPS Power Services’ is the “response time” being the to time taken between the issue being logged and an engineer arriving onsite to effect a repair. A hybrid of these definitions is an emergency “response time”, where if the response time is only met if the fault is an emergency. Care should be taken though as this is defined by the provider. Usually an emergency fault is one that could affect the connected load, so power being off, UPS running on battery or bypass mode would trigger the despatch of an engineer to site within the response time, however a general alarm, battery test failure or communications issue would not. It would be prudent to check how the “response time” is defined by your current UPS Service provider, along with any associated caveats.

What is best endeavours or BE response?

The term “best endeavours” should be used to refer to the service provider using best endeavours for the arrival of an engineer to site within the response time. This would be usual where a guaranteed response to site may not be available, perhaps if the site is located a fair distance from a major city or in a remote part of Scotland for example. Should the engineering resource not be available locally, another engineer could be sent from further away to attend site in the best endeavours of the provider to meet the response time. It may also be used as an agreement to attend site except where travel is severely disrupted, perhaps in the case of adverse travel conditions or a national disaster influencing movement around the area or country. A “best endeavours” response is normally more cost effective than a guaranteed response as there is no penalty in the event of late or non-attendance. UPS Power Services provide both options dependant on budget and site location, however we will not guarantee anything that we cannot achieve.

Do I need a service plan if my UPS is still under warranty?

A UPS manufacturer warranty will normally cover defective manufacture parts during the warranty from installation, for a period one, two or three years. If the UPS has been commissioned or is hardwired this may also include onsite labour cover, smaller units such as 1-3kVA are normally RTB (return to base). However the time to effect the repair is not guaranteed. Also, any issues and faults caused by site or user conditions such as incorrect loading or poor environment would not be covered by a warranty. So, if you require a guaranteed repair time (even where parts are covered under warranty) a service plan or maintenance contract will still be required while the UPS is under warranty. If you have a UPS which is under a return to base warranty, but it is impractical to do so, then a Service Plan would also be advisable. Also, to ensure the UPS does not become defective due to its environment or due to poor operation then a Service Plan would be of benefit. UPS Power Services provide Service Plan options whether or not the UPS is covered by a manufacturers warranty.

Are my batteries covered under warranty?

Yes, if new, all batteries are provided with a manufacturer warranty sometimes for up to five years. However, it is commonly accepted that the batteries are the weakest single point of the UPS system and therefore have to be treated with the upmost of care. Should a battery fault occur during the warranty period, then the manufacturer will normally require service records showing the environment has been maintained inline with the technical recommendations. The ambient temperatures (over a full year) along with details of sufficient airflow around and between the battery blocks should be proven. The charge voltage, charge current, ripple voltage along with number and length of discharge cycles the batteries have experienced, can also be requested to successfully receive replacement batteries under the manufacturers warranty. All of these measurements, checks and details are recorded during a commissioning and battery service visit from UPS Power Services. To maintain your battery warranty, ensure they are correctly checked and records are maintained. UPS Power Services only work with reputable battery manufacturers such as Yuasa who have decades of experience in the UPS standby battery industry.

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